Nico Lahs - Clouded Visions

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  • Italian house producer Nico Lahs is starting to come on strong. Clouded Visions is his fourth release since last year, a pretty impressive clip, and it's a 12-inch made for big, detailed systems. "Late Night," the A-side, tickles the headphone ear as well as the all-body one: the hi-hat sizzle has an intimacy that belies its obvious filtering and processing, and when the chimes come up deep into the track, they're a little Easter egg for the attentive listener as well as something to offset all that heavy thumping. "All I Desire" is a little more of an obvious throwback—the subdued pads and piano are straight out of the early '90s classicist playbook, and there's a quick pair of metallic synth notes that recur to situate the record further in that period. But it's pretty clearly of current vintage, thanks to a seriously huge bassline that seems to stand astride the record more than giving the sense that it's coming from within it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Late Night B2. All I Desire Digital: Clouded Visions