Iron Curtis - GOMA EP

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  • Is it just me or is Iron Curtis kind of everywhere this year? A slew of remixes have been piling up on the young producer's rapidly growing CV, and his latest feature release comes on small Detroit-based Kolour. Both tracks here retain the vintage atmosphere that Iron Curtis has been cultivating in the last few years, now pounding with a weighty ferocity that feels brand new. "GOMA" might be deep house down to the core, featuring a larger-than-life drum machine pulse, but it seems to cherry-pick from UK bass music in its emphasis on dominating sub-bass and incomprehensibly processed vocals. It really should be a mess, as chromatic chords and swooning strings duel with a mangled acoustic guitar sample, but the final product is infectious despite its complexity. Dimming the lights, slow-burner "You Are (Way Much More Than Just) My Choice Tonight" clings to a filtered loop of vibe-heavy jazz and builds a lumbering and sexy (now there's a combination) slow jam around it, including more of those half-understandable speech snippets. The dipping drum hits and sultry strings add to the seductive mood, and it shares the same irreverent spirit of modernity-via-retrospection as its flipside. The package also adds two synth-heavy remixes that cover both tracks in a futuristic sheen. San Soda's remix of "GOMA" brings it into reassuring territory with a warm and fuzzy bassline. Working on the same tip, Mano Le Tough's rework of "Choice" sends the track floating on trilling arpeggios and wafting piano chords.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Goma A2 Goma (San Soda Remix) B1 Iron Curtis & Leaves - You're (Way Much More Then Just) My Choice Tonight B2 Iron Curtis & Leaves - You're (Way Much More Then Just) My Choice Tonight (Mano Le Tough Remix)