fLako - The Mesektet

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  • Packing 30 tracks onto a single LP seems like quite an ask from a (relatively) unknown producer. But this collection of miniatures from fLako, AKA Dirg Gerner, is hardly a typical album. It culls work from 2006 to 2008 and is primarily a beat tape in the spirit of Dilla's Donuts. It also represents, in some fashion, the end of an era for Gerner, as evidenced by the work found on last year's Mini Toolbooth EP—also released on Project Mooncircle—as well as further projects with the likes of Fatima and Alexander Nut on HoTep Records. On Mesktet you get Gerner in all forms: "Sun Ba," "The Wrong Guy" and "Dwarf Dance" could move the heads of the most rigid of listeners while cuts like "Irukandji' and "That's Right" delve into more electronic hip-hop experimentalism. Latin roots are explored via samples of meringue and other South American rhythms on "Mirror Box," "With You" and "Shake It Harder." "YeahYeahYeah"' sees Gerner stretching out both length-wise (nearly four minutes!) and thematically (its emotional neo-soul hints at a depth heretofore unheard from the beatsmith). The same goes for "Crying on the In" which also blends subtle melodies with softly spoken and warm vocals. Whether Gerner will be continuing to incorporate more vocals in the future is anyone's guess. But The Mesektet is an intriguing album that has its producer telling stories without them for the most part. That you can hear what he's saying loud and clear is a testament to his talent.
  • Tracklist
      01. Irukandji 02. Sun Ba 03. YeahYeahYeah 04. Sluggish Thing 05. Moving Molecules 06. Knots 07. Crying On the In 08. Drops 09. Druff 10. The Wrong Guy 11. With You 12. Welcome 13. Dwarf Dance 14. Eluma Horns 15. Lullaby 16. Humming 17. One Quarter 18. Lords Of Chaos 19. That's Right 20. Poten 21. Chapter 4 22. SP405 23. Mirror Box 24. Wedjit 25. Passage 26. Colors of Love 27. Dwarf Spell 28. Hotsh 29. Peter and the Whale 30. Shake It Harder