André Lodemann - Riven Reminiscences EP

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  • André Lodemann's a pretty mobile guy, flitting about in the general area of deep house with a symphonic bent. Still Dreaming about a year ago, his first record on Freerange, followed the label's standards, as it ended up on the more functional end of his work. Here, he's somewhere in between Freerange and his tracks on Best Works, weaving in imperfections that make it all the more special. "Riven Reminiscences" drifts serenely for a while, biding its time. It adds urgent, dramatic stabs, and finally strings that carry us along a heartfelt chord progression. It's wholly dreamlike, but it also shares the coarseness of a lot of what comes out of Infiné: there's a looseness and stutter both in the melodies and in the acoustic drums underneath. "Together" is even more fluid and hypnagogic, sharing the pressed-flower graininess of "Reminiscences." Sampled instruments sit alongside resonant synthetic bongs, and the chord progressions are lovely and pastoral, warming the heart without being too sweet. Belgian producer San Soda coagulates the grains of "Riven" into chunks. Although tuned in a familiar way, his remix pays heed to the disposition of the original, not a million miles behind it in their shared journey around the nebula.
  • Tracklist
      A Riven Reminiscences B1 Together B2 Riven Reminisces (San Soda Remix)