Phase - Transantarctic

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  • Ashley Burchett—AKA Phase—has often endowed his productions with a certain manic edge, the same kind which infuses every loop of "The Bells." Leading off in this respect is "Dome Argus." Barely leaving for a bar, a metallic but smooth hook bores its way into the brain, causing the kick and sandpapery hi-hat to fade into irrelevance. The sense of unrelenting hysteria is a touch unnerving. "Plateau Station" shares a similar sense of intensity, yet offers a touch more humanism. This time, the kicks seem to simultaneously bounce and stamp savagely. Melodic stabs regularly penetrate the track's fabric, like light pinholed into a gloomy room. A buffeting rotor noise flits rapidly up and down, violently stirring everything it touches. In the second half, detuned plucks skate speedily alongside, introducing a touch more of the maniacal mood. What impresses most, however, is the attention to detail. This is highly functional music with consideration for the legs and brain. Though it also fits this category, the title track is the most tame. One by one, the London producer inserts a wobbly synth into every crevice of the track and shakes them all apart. Tricky perc programming keeps the whole deal from becoming a simple matter of filtered melody pinned to a rhythm section.
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      A1 Transantarctic A2 Dome Argus B1 Plateau Station