Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thang EP

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  • On his most recent production outing, Oliver $, AKA Oliver Siebert, comes through with what's already becoming his most far-reaching work to date. Doin' Ya Thang is a far cry from the audaciously upbeat and fidget-y efforts he's spent the past five years putting to wax for the likes of Made To Play and Grand Petrol. What's bound to catch the most attention here is that the track's focal point comes courtesy of a three-minute Kenny Dixon Jr. speech sample, taken from a 2010 Manchester appearance. While Siebert's certainly not the first producer to apply a boisterous Moodymann monologue to a house beat, he's one of the few to build an entire track around it. Good things often come in simple packages, though, and in the case of "Doin Ya' Thang," they don't come much simpler—or smoother. When paired with Siebert's low-slung bass, warm claps and hi-hats, KDJ becomes a perfect foil. For the slightly more skeptical jocks, there's a vocal-free dub included on the flip, but, as you might expect, it doesn't quite match up to the charm of its A-side counterpart. All in all, like any instance of overt sampling, this package will understandably attract its share of naysayers, but, in this case, they'll be drowned out by the fans its charming warmth has already begun winning over.
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      A Doin' Ya Thang B Doin' Ya Thang (Dub)