Duijn & Douglas - Klap Voor Je Backingvocals

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  • Feelharmonic is a label borne from enthusiasm and passion, which may not make it the most businesslike of ventures. Having said that, how much money is being earned from releasing house music (on vinyl) these days anyway? "Klap Voor Je Backingvocals" comes in two versions. The original, once it gets going, shimmers all the way through to its conclusion. It's a simple track that builds on a plodding kick to encompass elements of dub and filter disco upon which an effects-laden vocal simply chants "music." This all crystallises when the vocals rise to the fore and utter the ethereal line "...dreaming that dream..." or something like it, reaching a climax before disappearing into the ether. Anton Zap's remix is softer and more cuddly with a crispier kick than the original. The vocal is dissected, letting the instrumentation take priority, and, although it is largely dispensed with, the dreamlike soundscape that supplants it more than makes up for its absence. In all, it's two sides of varying subtlety that each hold their own in the league of finely-balanced atmospherics, with Zap's remix being the slight better of the two.
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      A Klap Voor Je Backingvocals B Klap Voor Je Backingvocals (Anton Zap remix)