Patrice Baumel - Vapour (Remixes)

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  • "Vapour" is the title track from a 2010 full-length by Amsterdam-based Patrice Baumel that RA's own Terrence Fuller described, approvingly, as an album that "glow[s] with a dull neon throb." Joris Voorn's take on it does something in a similar fashion, with a spacious house groove pockmarked by punctuating hi-hats and a gurgling, churning, tech-y core. There's something warm and clubby and vacuum-sealed about Voorn's version that gives way to something else markedly different in another remix by Croatian producer Petar Dundov, who filters "Vapour" through a gleaming mess of vintage-sounding synthesis. Parts of it scan as '80s but most of it slots into that sort of ageless era we're still in, where what's been done with old synths stands as only part of the picture so far. The real keeper here, however, is a mix of "Tactile" (also from Vapour) by Nunos Dos Santos. The track wiggles weirdly, taking a leisurely stroll through seemingly incongruous feints and ploys, with strange giggles layered over top shivering keyboards, a groove filled with false starts and sustained surprises, and a sense of just plain fun fucking-around that lets a good amount of air in.
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      01. Vapour (Joris Voorn Solid Mix) 02. Vapour (Petar Dundov Mix) 03. Tactile (Nuno Dos Santos Mix)