Of Norway - Karpathian Thirst

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  • In the rigidly structured world of electronic music, there's something wonderfully attractive about the idea of a live jam. Recently examples include the new Roll the Dice EP, or perhaps more pertinently, Morphosis and his debut album. To be honest, I'm not sure whether Of Norway's most recent release actually falls into this category, but if it doesn't, they're doing a good impersonation. At 14 minutes long, "Karpathian Thirst" seems like the logical result of a studio session getting out of hand. That's not to say it feels excessive though. Like Ralph Lawson's 2020 Soundsystem project, the Norse duo's organic grooves are rather refreshing. With definite dancefloor appeal, thick bass and a scuttling insectoid arp drive things forward. It's not exactly summery, but an easy hook and expansive programming make it an outdoor certainty. The B-side retains this open-air vibe somewhat. Subtle bass drops hasten the proceedings, and a funky 303 barely leaves for the entire duration. Its burbling tones prove a surprisingly good canvas for a plink-plonking piano and Moroder-style synths. Live or not, this is good stuff.
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      A Karpathian Thirst B The Bleeding