Braille - The Year 3000

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  • Praveen Sharma's new guise, Braille, focuses harder on classic house as a form than does Sepalcure, his duo with Travis Stewart. But the effect is similar in ways that go beyond the familiarity of certain filters. "The Year 3000" starts out sounding more or less like an update or cut-up of Sterling Void's "It's All Right" over a buoyant, conga-laced house beat and very space-age synths. But soon the track begins claiming its own space, rather than riding Void's familiar phrases. Like Sepalcure's "Fleur" and its pureed diva vocal, here the "all rights" are stretched out into new shapes, a loving bit of vocal science that turns a relatively straight anthem into something far more psychedelic, but well removed from acid. Like those staccato, cap-gun snares and hats as well. "Leavin' Without You" does something similar with a snippet of Donna Giles' version of the Dreamgirls warhorse, "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)," but steps on the snares 2-step/Funky style. It's as woozy as the Aïthat vocal seesaws airily through the stereo field, evoking the way Foul Play would treat R&B samples on tracks like "Open Your Mind." But the upright rhythm keeps the ectoplasm moving. Giddily.
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      A The Year 3000 B Leavin' Without You