Lee Foss - Your Turn Girl Remixes

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  • Sometimes it takes an outside eye or ear to boil things down properly. The two openers from Lee Foss's Your Turn Girl EP, released by Culprit in January, the title track and "Pyramid Scheme," seemed to do just fine on their own. "Your Turn Girl" is poky, glassy and electro-tinged synth-disco; "Pyramid Scheme" is neon-blooded neo-electro-funk with hypnotic guitar and insistent, Pac Man-chomping bass. That's fine, but Anthony Collins heard things differently: he fused the two tracks, or more to the point, found a third, ideal track hidden within the elements of the others. A-B'ing them to find which part came from which song isn't the point; hearing the way he focuses the slow, "live" build of "Your Turn" while remaining more relaxed than "Scheme" is what gives the newly redubbed "Pyramid Girl" its luster. Remixing a track definitively is laudable; doing it with two is pretty bad-ass. "Your Turn Girl" is given a much more straightforward tech-house revamp by Shonky and Dyed Soundorom; it's crisp, friendly and comfortable. Seuil's remix of "Things Fall Apart" adds some brightness to the original, particularly in the gleaming hi-hats and some toppier synth lines, but otherwise keeps its inquisitive mood intact.
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      01. Your Turn Girl (Shonky & Dyed Soundorom Remix) 02. Pyramid Girl (Anthony Collins Pyramid Scheme V. Your Turn Girl Remix) 03. Things Fall Apart (Seuil Remix)