Andy Mac - Everytime

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  • A kick drum intro: how cute! That straightforward quality permeates Bristolian newcomer Andy Mac's debut 12-inch; he's young, he's got some moves, let's do this. "Everytime" has that 2-steppy extra kick (literally and figuratively) that is funky's recent gift to UK bass, but it's Mac's sparse layering that makes the record move. He's aiming for late '80s Chicago as well as '10s Brixton: "Every time, always," a woman sings in tandem with herself, alternating with a cascading "ti-i-i-ime"; it's affirmative and nebulous together at once. "Everytime" could fit into a deeper, darker house set as well as one focusing on bassier stuff. "Asteroid Belts," the B-side, doesn't make any pretense toward bass music, per se, at all. It's straight-up house, deploying a lot of analog sounds (not necessarily gear) to expand and contract in scratchy, crackling lines over an insistent boom-sweep. There's another woman's vocal sample: "Oh-oh-oh-oh," it goes, echoed endlessly and faded out.
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      A Everytime B Asteroid Belts