Rone - So So So

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  • Frenchman Erwan Castex's small handful of releases, mostly on InFiné, belies his work as a filmmaker and scorer as well, not to mention composing for exhibitions and adverts. As such, it's no surprise that his newest, So So So, is an EP full of Apparat-esque cinematic grandeur. Built around fulfilling percussive melodies which swarm and flit like fireflies, they're gorgeous tracks that avoid triteness by being full of fragile minutiae. The rhythms are brittle, complex and varied. "So So So" features straight, pattering kicks, then glitchy breakbeat, then sturdy thump in turn. The drum tracks are the most obviously interesting features, with all the details appropriate to their place rather than being interesting just for the sake of it. The synth patches he uses are unusual as well—just enough to feel like you're somewhere new, like in "Nakt," whose rich, lullaby techno is overly strong, and, as a result, a shade intimidating. Their forte is clearly their beauty, though, and the most beautiful is "Planet Zoo." Its melancholy, tear-jerking chord progressions surge and ebb, all the while hitting the heart square on.
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      01. So So So 02. Nakt 03. Planet Zoo