Nick Warren - Buenos Aires

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  • Nick Warren rarely makes a solo record, so when he does it stands to reason he has something interesting to say. If there's a difference between the terms funky and groovy—perhaps groovy is more relaxed—then "Buenos Aires" is the latter. The bass confidently swaggers, and early on, multi-stringed hits jar the track to life like cardiac paddles. In the mid-section, Balearic-style bells and floaty female harmony impart a distinct, summery vibe. It's a tune assured of its own substance, understated and quietly impressive. Both Mike Griego and Terry Lee Brown Junior take things deeper with their mixes, though not in the same direction. Griego's atmospheric cut removes the original bassline, coming off as far more serious. Laced into the final quarter, even the aforementioned Balearic bells can't lift the dreary mood. TLB's version is far more clubby, with the female harmony chopped into a rhythm and the bells used as a subtle refrain. While all four tracks are admirable for their different approaches, the Applescal remix stands out as weakest, with the barest of groove maintained by a thick, winding synth that's stuck in limbo between bass and melody. Warren and Griego's statements are clear enough; the other two, not so much.
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      01. Buenos Aires 02. Buenos Aires (Applescal Remix) 03. Buenos Aires (Mike Griego Deep Mix) 04. Buenos Aires (Terry Lee Brown Jr Mix)