Invisible Conga People - In a Hole

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  • Invisible Conga People's 2008 12-inch on Italians Do It Better was one of the lauded label's most auspicious efforts, the group's jaded jangle-electro revealing the true breadth of a label often associated foremost with Italo disco revivalism. The duo make an equally unusual and sudden return on DFA, two new tracks with a heavier emphasis on vocals that serves to lighten up and loosen their sound. "In a Hole," with its androgynously manipulated vocals and phased chord progression, takes the Knife-referencing of "Cable Dazed" to a less obscured place, sounding almost like an unvarnished outtake from Silent Shout. That's not exactly a potshot against it, as Willow Gibbon's strange cadence verbalizing the rather disturbing lyrics makes for a confusing track that's cautiously uplifting and deeply depressive, like a desolate scene painted in bright watercolours. The largely unnecessary dub version slows the track into a bleary stupor a la Salem without the distortion. "Can't Feel My Knees" finds common ground between recent "headfuck" techno (fully explored in the dub version) and Martin Hannett-esque synth crackles and throws a delirious layer of chimes over it. The undulating low-end at the song's core imbues the proceedings with the same uncomfortable ambiguity as its flipside. The catchy melodic elements are offset by looming gray clouds. While the tracks use familiar ideas and reference points, there's something so alien about the way Invisible Conga People speak the tongues that they do. Here's hoping we won't have to wait another three years to hear them say something else.
  • Tracklist
      A1 In a Hole feat. Willow Gibbins A2 In a Hole (Dub) B1 Can't Feel My Knees feat. Andy Comer B2 Can't Feel My Knees (Dub)