Ed Davenport - More Red Lights

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  • Breakbeats aren't just in vogue in techno these days it seems. Ed Davenport's latest EP for NRK cuts things up nicely, underpinning the title track with a simple piano riff and UK rave "ooooooooo oooo oooo oooo ooooooooooo"'s. It's a remarkably weighty tune, its piano part almost shouting into the wind. But, in the end, the little bit of contrast is exactly what sets it apart. The B-side also offers a vocal sample reminiscent of the rave glory days, and also satisfyingly break things up from the usual 4/4. It's more groover than showstopper but offers a nice build that should keep DJs headed in more interesting directions than usual. Rounding things off is a dub version of "More Red Lights." For my money, it's even better than its parent: Emerging from nothingness, the vocal sample is all the more dramatic, creating a "did that just happen?" feeling...until it returns yet again to take center stage.
  • Tracklist
      A More Red Lights B1 Basium B2 More Red Lights (Dub Version)