Slam - Fabric 09

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  • 2002’s DMC presents Slam album was undeniably one of the top 10 mixes of that year. It had the relentless pounding techy elements that we have come to expect from Slam, a style that oozed energy and was hard to ignore. This year, Fabric is the label presenting the two lads from Glasgow to the civilian population for the 9th installment of the Fabric series, and it proves to be another fine affair from Slam. The groovy baselines of “Cannibals” by Tony Thomas is unleashed to open the mix as the funky synths of Ocatve’s One mix of “Reworks” by John Thomas soon follow early in the mix. Spincycle rework OCB’s “Synchronisity” with devastating effects making great use of 2 baselines, one deep and penetrating while the other bounces melodically midway into the record. The retro melodies of “Night Moves” by Envoy keeps the deep yet energetic flow while Slam get in on the production end by supplying a dub of Ladytron’s success story in “Seventeen”, cutting the vocals and bringing in the base. Danilo Vigorito provides two soulful cuts which are then followed by a sinister John Selway mix of “Stolen” by Secret Society, using an array of furious drum patterns to great effect. The hypnotising Marco Carola mix of Sven Vath’s “Steel” confirms the arrival of peak time Slam as the mix gets into overdrive, a fact demonstrated by the electrifying Hades mix of Redhead’s “Riddles”, making use of fast paced beats and energising baseline. Electro mayhem is the way of Tulasonic’s “Sonic Tool” while Underground Resistance provide a unique conclusion to the mix with a retro melodic “Inspiration”. Another great feat by the duo of Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle whose DJ’ing style is somehow so hard to dislike. The pace is relentless with this mix, and must be indicative of their sets at Fabric. I can imagine the tunes on this mix absolutely destroying the dancefloors of Fabric, assisted by THAT sound system that exists there. Slam have made a great addition to a series that seems to lead the pack in quality at the moment, and it’s difficult to believe that something so good can be delivered monthly. Check this out as soon as possible – you will be hard pressed to find flaws in this release.
  • Tracklist
      1. Cannibals - Tony Thomas 2. Style Dish - Afro Deep 3. Working Night - John Thomas (Octave One Mix) 4. Synchronicity - O.C.B. (Spincycle Remix) 5. Make Shape - Frederik (16B Remix) 6. Night Moves - Envoy 7. Infinity - Louis Botella 8. Seventeen - Ladytron (Slam Dub) 9. Appendix D - Danilo Vigorito 10. Soul - Danilo Vigorito 11. Stolen - Secret Society (Selway Remix) 12. D Clash - Bryan Zentz (Slam Mix) 13. Monoid/UCMG - Oxia – Contrast 14. Serenity - Marco Bailey 15. Steel - Sven Väth (Marco Carola Remix) 16. Riddles - Redhead (Tom Hades Remix) 17. Can’t Stop - Dan Corco & Fred Carreira 18. Sonic Tools - Tulasonic 19. Inspiration - Underground Resistance