Argy - Daze to Come EP

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  • Argy's "Daze to Come" is a track to get timelessly wasted to—a simultaneously light and heavy spiral that spins in place and tips towards eras past without aligning itself too explicitly with a particular vintage. The Hacienda gets alluded to in the press notes, and there's something endearing in the way it mimics old ramshackle classics that were cobbled together in a time when production processes were less than gleamingly streamlined. That doesn't mean it's loose—on the contrary, Argy exerts impressive control over the mix of roughshod drums and little synth fanfares that unfurl in tuneful fashion. A "(Beats Version)" mix of the same track goes big on just that, with the musical stuff over top stripped away and the deceiving power of the rhythm thrown into stark relief. "The Difference" is bigger and more muscular, grunting where the A-side whispers. It also professes its old-school allegiance much more clearly, with some classic New York house funk scrunched up and seared a bit, so as to old but still hot.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Daze to Come A2 Daze to Come (Beats Version) B1 The Difference B2 The Difference (The Dub)