Albert van Abbe - No Comment 002

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  • No Comment 002 marks the second release from the new Dutch imprint from Albert van Abbe, and it's a lot like the first salvo. It's austere, it comes with a strong remix and there's a wonderful little ambient number on the B-side. It's hardly a surprise that someone that titles their tracks things like "NCS 0007121210" might have a thing for order and/or concepts. Luckily, such constraints don't get in the way of the music. The aforementioned "NCS" rides a line between Drexicyan electro funk and Raster-Noton bleep, and finds a submerged melancholy in the process. The recently resurgent Sleeparchive, meanwhile, toughens van Abbe's original up and straightens him out. Like the age-old cliché about Kraftwerk, the secret is in how funky he makes the absence of funk sound. "P4S 1013291010," like its No Comment 001 brother "P4S 1000291010" goes even further toward the conceptual, playing with synthesis in a way that hasn't been heard since the last time Alva Noto got into a room with a modem. That he imbues it with such pathos is what makes No Comment and van Abbe definite names to watch.
  • Tracklist
      A NCS 0007121210 (Version) B1 NCS 0007121210 (Sleeparchive Remodel) B2 P4S 1013291010 (Version)