Tale of Us - Dark Song

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  • With a path that leads from the States to Germany by way of Italy, the now Berlin-based partnership of Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri have taken the scenic route. But the time has paid off: The lead single on this EP is one of the most subtly intriguing pieces of electronic music this year. "Dark Song" is, in a word, stunning. In a few more words, it's serene, atmospheric, haunting and breathless. It's the type of track that quickly and completely gets under your skin, the deep pulses and reverberating fluctuations stretching out like a barren analogue plain, over which the yearning vocal gently seeps. There's a gentle fragility to "Dark Song" that seems to lend itself more to personal reflection and home listening, although it will probably be hardy enough to stand up and be counted in a club environment due to a pretty firm kick and reasonable BPM. In other words, a true all-rounder. "Circle of Love" is another emotionally charged, darkly atmospheric number, but with a bit more meat about its bones; a sturdy angel to "Dark Song"'s waifish spectre. "Valiant," meanwhile, is the EP's most club-ready cut. Spacey curves, bubbling acid lines and top-heavy percussion battle for dominance at various points throughout the track. Ambitious and eloquently delivered, Dark Song stimulates and massages in equally satisfying measures.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dark Song A2 Circle of Love feat. Fadila B Valiant