Woody McBride - Guten Timen

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  • Color me surprised. Woody McBride (AKA DJ ESP) was the underground rave kingpin of the mid-'90s Minneapolis scene in which I came of age, but that was then and this is now. Then, he was fond of filthy 303 (Bad Acid, No Such Thing was his 1994 2x12-inch for Drop Bass Network), but now, with "Guten Timen," any squelch comes from funked-up programming rather than free-handed chaos. McBride has long espoused clean living, and this track is as spangly as it gets—the hi-hats really ring. His ear for shifting tones and envelope filtering remains intact; on the "Jammin' Mix," the drums kick louder, and on the "Techno Mix" he emphasizes a whirring, rubbery keyboard effect that eventually overtakes the track. Kris Wadsworth's remix takes a while to get rolling, but stay with it and eventually the treated organ part takes over the melody line and a nagging little vocal ("Let me be, let, let me be," it sounds like) puts things on track. No such delay for Luke Solomon: his drums are rock disco, his guitars pulse like synths, and if anyone but Fred Falke thinks they need to sound like Jan Hammer to evoke '80s soundtracks, they can listen to this and think again.
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      01. Guten Timen 02. Guten Timen (Jammin Mix) 03. Guten Timen (Techno Mix) 04. Guten Timen (Luke Solomon Analogue Funk Mix) 05. Guten Timen (Luke Solomon Stripped Mix) 06. Guten Timen (Kris Wadsworth Beat Control Mix)