Boys Noize & Housemeister - Shizzo

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  • Boys Noize and Housemeister's "Shizzo" is ravaged, raw and artless in pretty much every way. There's a case to be made for artlessness, to be sure. But this just sounds tossed off, the product of a couple dudes red-lining stuff in the studio and calling it a day after going through their sound libraries, gritting them up and getting bored. What's curious is that it's four minutes, and it's hard to divine what would have made these four minutes, in particular, the ones to choose. They all sound like arbitrary parts of a build-up to something that never quite comes. "nBaxx" and "Saturday" don't fare much better. Both are stiff and lacking for style and swing, trading the momentum of a groove for isolated patches of noisy breakdowns that sound too upright and unconnected to maintain any real engagement, even just for a bit. And then, after "Shizzo" and "nBaxx" at least establish a common language of analogue grain, "Saturday" switches to something more like Casio beat, way too light to hold up the heaviness suggested over top. Better luck next time.
  • Tracklist
      01. Shizzo 02. nBaxx 03. Saturday