Om Unit - The Timps

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  • Electro always goes in and out of style, but it's a perennial that always manages to make its way into things. Om Unit comes at it from a post-garage UK perspective, though—he was featured on Fabric's Elevator Music comp—an angle just different enough that The Timps doesn't sound too precisely like the same-old same-old. True, the machine whap and frayed timbres of the title track and "Prawn Cocktail" both easily call up images of green-on-black bitmap fonts, but something about the forward motion of the original version of "The Timps" (Om Unit's alternative version less so) brings to mind both stark frenzy and the cooler-headed recent turn a lot of dubstep artists seem to be taking, while "Cocktail" moves smoothly into something closer to Detroit techno. Salva's remix of "Prawn Cocktail" is, if anything, even squigglier than the original, arpeggiated synth bass moving almost comically quick, wind-through-the-digital-cosmos effects and wholly artificial claps utilized to their utmost. Hrdvision's version of "The Timps" is no less besotted with old machinery, but its slower pace and wistful string washes make it a lot more downcast.
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      01. The Timps 02. Prawn Cocktail 03. The Timps (Alternative Mix) 04. Prawn Cocktail (Salva Remix) 05. The Timps (Hrdvsion Remix)