Pitto - Where My Soul Is Now

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  • Pitto's first two solely-owned singles, Sexvibe and Feelin', excelled at doing pretty much the same thing for some ten minutes and not being boring while doing it. That all changes for the debut single from his upcoming debut LP, Objects in a Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, which nevertheless also knows where it wants to be and stays there. That "where" is a hammock between two coconut trees in the company of hazy electric pianos and the euphonious voice of Leonie Muller, sighing about an unnamed "she" struggling with an existential dilemma. Despite its simplicity, it's sophisticated enough not to pretend to do anything other than soothe, and succeeds all the more for it. All of this drifting is, of course, perfect material for Minilogue's usual micro-progressive treatment. They start off with the electric piano riff sounding as if it's being played through a rotating Leslie speaker, and soon degenerates—a hint of distortion here, a bit of delay there—into a dazed mess of squiggles. Sprinkles of plucked Arabic instruments, shakers and effect-squelched flakes of the original's vocal all feature over a sluggish sub bass. We've moved from the hammock into a Turkish lounge that's starting to melt from whatever's been put in your Shisha.
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      A1 Where My Soul Is Now B1 Where My Soul Is Now (Minilogue's Guqin remix)