Rejected - For the People Remixes

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  • Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal's "For the People" built in washes of synth stabs, never quite breaking out but holding suspended throughout its length. It's an approach that hasn't been changed on this remix EP, but what Ben Klock and DVS1 have done to the 2004 original is charred it into something much more intense and rabid. Klock's the winner here, but only by a bit. His remix was, apparently, tested out before being pitched to Rejected, and it's aggressive and visceral. Built on a vibrating undercurrent of toms, snares, hiss and pummelling analogue. It's both devastating and sublime. DVS1 goes along a less bleak but more unnerving line with his reinterpretations. The focus is unsure. In the "For Everyone" mix, are we supposed to feel comfortable within the trance of the backing pulse or terrified by the overdriven knell that inflates dissonantly over it? In the more vacant "For No One," is it puppet master mesmerisation or anxiety?
  • Tracklist
      01. For the People (Ben Klock remix) 02. For the People (DVS1 For Everyone mix) 03. For the People (DVS1 For No One mix)