Peverelist - Dance til the Police Come

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  • Just when you thought the whole dub/2-step/techno thing had run out of steam, along comes a fresh piece of meat which just wipes the floor with the competition and sets the benchmark at a terrifying new level. Say hello to Peverelist's imperious "Dance Til the Police Come" (which might as well continue: "...And Keep Dancing As They 'Cuff You Up and Beat You to a Pulp, As This Track Is So Damn Heavy You Won't Be Able to Stop"), a spangling headrush of plucked Detroit chords, apocalyptic synth stains, guttural oil-slick subs and rude-as-fuck junglist trip-step riddimism, constructed, it seems, with the sole intention of murdering dance floors. Which it will, over and over again. Make no mistake: 99% of what's passed off as "quality" club music is put to shame by this. Salute. Still, if all that sounds a bit much, look no further than the B-side. Harking back to the classic East-meets-the-West-Indies doom-dub vibes of DMZ and Memories of the Future-era Kode9, but with that inimitable Peverelist bounce, "Fundamentals" is the perfect tonic to the hypercharged A-side, and a timely reminder that early days dubstep moodiness—paranoid and ominous, but fundamentally melancholy—still has the power to enthral. Not that it's regressive; far from it. It just makes no attempt to segue with current trends, nor any trends for that matter. Indeed, it's testimony to both the individuality of Peverelist as a producer and the pedigree of Hessle as a label that their long-overdue communion so predictably, and effortlessly, blows everything else out of the water.
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      A Dance til the Police Come B Fundamentals