Erstlaub - The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep

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  • "By means of modular synthesis"—that's how Scottish drone artist Erstlaub describes the providence of his work, and it's hard to think of a string of words that signifies more in this context. They speak to literal process, of course, but maybe even more so to the kind of granular attention—to texture, timbre, tone, etc.—that gets paid by those who get really, really, really into sound. For just a little less than 30 minutes, "The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep" stays static and evolves, planting a pole in ambient stillness but following a through-line that moves in minute ways. It sounds a bit like Gas with rusty water towers in place of trees, or even more so like the product of a lot of listening to Eliane Radigue. The title doesn't fit especially well: there's too much tension suggested here, or at least implied, to fall into slumber.
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      01. The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep