Snoretex - Strange Aeons

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  • "Strange Aeons" is one of those modest, deceptively simple mid-tempo anthems—like Pépé Bradock's "Deep Burnt," Lindstrøm's "I Feel Space" and so many others—that happens upon a mood and a melody and proceeds to get stuck in your head so firmly and fundamentally that it feels like a track you've been spending time with for years. For all the ways that might read as grandiose, it happens quite often, actually—and for reasons that aren't always easy to understand. Indeed, "Strange Aeons" is pretty simple: ashen atmosphere, a bulbous bassline that broods through three notes, a beat that plods, some lasers. All of it makes a kind of melancholy mix, but one that gets lifted up by a considerably brighter synth figure that provides the hook. A remix by SJU Muzic snaps the track to attention and speeds it up for a little Chicago jacking action. It builds up a good amount of heat toward the end by way of simple insistence, but it also sounds unnervingly too fast—a testament, in the end, to the self-assurance of the original.
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      A Strange Aeons B Strange Aeons (SJU Muzic Eternity Mix)