DJ T. feat. Nick Maurer - Burning

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  • A noirish, creepily sexy psychodrama, "Burning" tosses and turns, oozing anxiety and paranoia as it follows its monster-mouthed singer down dark alleys—breathing out confessions like "I came to you in a moment of confusion, stuck in disillusion, seeking out your healing hands" which seem to lead either to the analyst's couch or an S&M dungeon. Freud would have his hands full. (Don't forget that the title of DJ T.'s new full-length is The Pleasure Principle.) Minimal and low-slung, riding a deep groove laced with creeping organ notes and down-pitched voices, the track has a lurid backroom air that conjures up red lights, black leather and behavior between two consenting adults. It's a sentiment that somehow seems very of the moment in dance music: Maurer could join Kenny Glasgow for singalong night at the vampire nightclub. Fitting then that T called up Art Department for a remix. The duo's version opens with an Arabian guitar riff and muted hand drum intro give it a kind of satanic belly dancer vibe, and it benefits from a vocal reduction that focuses on the spine-tingling chorus. One imagines a lonely Lucifer in a trenchcoat, Bogart-style, pacing city blocks in silence. Refitted to their standards, the tune now slips neatly into Art Department's DJ sets. Redshape shifts gears, keeping the sinister atmosphere but leaving deepness behind, adding layers of drum machine percolation that recall Trax Records' darkest moments and add to the sleaze factor. Come to think of it, there's probably enough dirty business on these three tracks to warrant taking a shower afterwards.
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      01. Burning (Art Department Remix) 02. Burning (Club Mix) 03. Burning (Redshape Remix)