Deepchild - Talk to Me

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  • Deepchild's five tracks here have a tactile aspect to them that makes everything sound disorientingly rubbery and round. There was obviously (or at least seemingly obviously) a lot of love and venturing that went on in the making of them, and enough curiosity to make everything sound slightly unhinged, as if Deepchild was pushing everything out in front of him so he himself could lean back and listen. The sound of "Talk to Me" is old-school sparse, with a wooziness to it that wavers in and out of attention. "Live at Dmitri's 1993" lays a rickety tech-house rhythm over a bulbous bassline that could've come out of Chicago way back when. Between the two lie all the components for the three others ("Innocence is Gone," "TC Dub" and "The Sword), each of which ekes out its own roll. "Talk to Me" gets two remixes in addition. The first, by Grunbox, neatly devotes its first three minutes to sounding like a track just about to start, before turning thick and blocky in an almost IDM kind of way. Denite's, deep and weird, strikes out lightly and floats as it grows more and more impressionistic.
  • Tracklist
      01. Talk To Me 02. Live At Dimitris 1993 03. Innocence Is Gone 04. TC Dub 05. The Sword 06. Talk To Me (Grünbox Remix) 07. Talk To Me (Denite Remix)