Francesco Tristano - bachCage remixes

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  • Deutsche Grammophon continues its flirtatious relationship with techno with yet another modern classical remix EP. But who's complaining? Taken from a new album by Luxembourg pianist and composer Francesco Tristano that combines the compositions of Bach and John Cage, the EP features worthwhile reinterpretations from Lawrence and Moritz von Oswald (who was credited with post-production on the album). MvO serves up a slice of spaced-out spatial techno with his remix of "One Note Development Nr. 2," a discombobulated kick drum finding the track's unsure footing in a dense fog of droning samples. Using panning and soundstaging, tiny echoes and other percussive byproducts are shoved into odd corners, and the melodic samples are flattened out into thin layers that sneak between the chiseled rock of von Oswald's programming. There's also the short "Tantra Development," a recording gently futzed with to pleasing if insubstantial effect. On the other side, Lawrence lays down a gentle tinfoil beat over "Tristano Introit" that gets kicked around by the occasional handclap and ascending rocky bassline. The mood is unsettling as dissonant chords lurk beneath the surface, but by the halfway point they break out into gorgeous melodic streamers that sound more like the Lawrence we know. While techno remixes of modern classical might seem gimmicky, the legendary German label shows time and time again the possibilities for synthesis, meshing the crystal-clear textures of their recordings with the considerably dustier beats of the remixes.
  • Tracklist
      A1 One note development Nr. 2 by Moritz von Oswald A2 Tantra development by Moritz von Oswald B Tristano Introit (Lawrence Remix)