Conforce - State of Mind

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  • All the emphasis on Boris Bunnik's first release for Clone Basement Series is on "Spoiled" which takes not only the A1 position, but sports two remixes. However, "Vulcan" is arguably the better and more revealing track. Both originals are heavy in the vein of the Grace EP from last year, suggesting the more crystalline and reflective textures of his album have now been left behind. But like "Grace," what stands out most in "Vulcan" is its arrangement. "Spoiled" may come in gate crashing, but it then just ploughs out again in a straight line. "Vulcan" on the other hand, uses the molten thickness, rather than the space, of the music to spread veils of mystery, climaxing inside itself while the accumulating percussion applies pressure on the surface. "Spoiled" is perhaps at the fore because its pleasure is more direct, with a vast menagerie of hi-hat and cymbal sounds in particular working the machine. XDB's remixes follow the same trend. "RMX 2" is curiously up first and carves a heavy straight-line swathe through its rollicking bass to "RMX 1" which closes the set. Launching with flickering hi-hats and deep set kick drums, there is an immediate air of expectation. But it is the midrange which commands, thickening and thinning in mischievous melodic cycles that drag the drums into it at unpredictable intervals. The juxtaposition of straight and loose tracks works well to bring out the best in both tracks and both sides.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Spoiled A2 Vulcan B1 Spoiled (XDB RMX 2) B2 Spoiled (XDB RMX 1)