Cottam - Sunrise Sunset

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  • The word "claustrophobic" isn't normally used to describe something you have positive feelings towards. It is, however, exactly the word that keeps battering against the side of my head while listening to Cottam's latest on Use of Weapons; a record which is quietly joyous in its expertly judged restraint. The result is a taut one, wound tightly around an acid house centre, with even the grandiose string parts only fractionally seeping outwards before being whipped back into line. It's dark and menacing without ever becoming intimidating—the strings are warm and soothing enough to smooth the abrasive edges of both the 303 and the sharp hats upon which it rests. With his remix, Hunee creates something so totally indistinguishable from the original that you simply cannot compare the two. I'm not sure if he should be praised or chastised, to be honest. Either way, it's lively enough with some particularly bright hats skittering along energetically throughout. Deep Space Orchestra stay much closer to the tone of the original, creating a vastly more epic vision.
  • Tracklist
      A Sunrise Sunset B1 Sunrise Sunset (Deep Space Orchestra Remix) B2 Sunrise Sunset (Hunee Remix)