Kenton Slash Demon - The Schwarzschild Solution Part III

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  • The Danish duo of Kenton Slash Demon, throughout their EP trilogy "The Schwarzschild Solution," have displayed different styles: from "Sun's" hazy disco house to "Matter's" vocal-driven techno. But both tracks have had the same neat layering of samples and organic textures, letting their meticulous production tie the tracks together. The final track of the trio, "Daemon," boosts a vocoder hook sounding like Erlend Øye's singing for Röyksopp. You'd be inclined to call it melodically-oriented house music, yet there also shades of minimal wave in its bassline, making it hard to neatly pin down. Yet another up-and-coming Scandinavian act turns up for the remix. Axel Boman twists the original, giving it a swingy dancefloor treatment in the funky and playful fashion he and his Studio Barnhus label is pumping out these days. Like the expert design that seems to characterize Scandinavian architecture, graphic design and Kenton Slash Demon's original, it's clean and well-constructed, making for an enormously satisfying close to this trilogy.
  • Tracklist
      A Daemon B Daemon (Axel Boman dub)