Robin Ordell - The Show

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  • Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey supposedly first heard Robin Ordell's "The Show" during one of the latter's performances at his Half Baked residencies, promptly signing the record on the spot. It's not hard to see why he got so excited, for "The Show" is nothing if not instantly arresting. Croaky spoken-word vocals is nothing new in electronic music of course, but it's been a while since one has punched its way through the mix quite in the same way. For some, this will be the track's single greatest achievement; a tangible hook in the otherwise vocally-barren landscape of tech house. I can't help but think, though, that the vocal somehow detracts from the rest of the piece, a thunderously bouncing effort with a bassline easily as funk-filled as anything from Crosstown Rebels camp. Flip over the vinyl version, and you'll find a disappointing interpretation from Filipe Venegas, who seems to do a little more than thin out the bassline, add a few hats and make the vocal even tinnier and all but indistinguishable, adding to the irritation that it's still there at all. The mix on the digital version is a lot more interesting, taking the record on a dark, proggy, claustrophobic journey and creating something that is genuinely spooky.
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      A The Show B The Show (Felipe Venegas Mix)