Actress - Gershwin Harrier

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  • As expected—given Actress' and Nonplus+'s stock lately—Gershwin Harrier is an excellent and precisely chiselled record. The A side here at least points to some possible sonic emergence from the effects he usually buries his tracks deep within. Nonplus+ have a way of sounding classic and neo at the same time, and Actress duly follows suit. In "Gershwin"'s case, Cunningham extrapolates Leftfield's "Afrika Shox" from the cusp of an underground revolution to a destroyed urban wasteland. Its lonely synth line seems to have been marinating in its own desperation for decades. "Harrier ATTK," meanwhile, hovers in drifting washes of fog, dreamy like Boards of Canada but more quiescent.
  • Tracklist
      A Gershwin B Harrier ATTK