Jimpster - Alsace & Lorraine Remixes

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  • If you're one of the many who think that growing up is best left to other people, you might've enjoyed Jimpster's "Alsace & Lorraine" last year. Its glistening bell motif felt like a coloured mobile, but with a laidback "In White Rooms" shuffle. On paper, you'd expect comfort from the three remixes—lots of warm deepness and airy pads, well-suited to the otherworldliness of a torchlit beach party. But what really heightens them is their introverted demeanour: they make you feel safe, and open to possibilities. Josh Wink's remix is led by a carefree, deliciously psychedelic digitisation of the lead riff. With just a whisper of the kick and some pattering congas, it builds to a climax, but then drops completely out. At last, though, we're given the kick, coming in as if on a whim. It's dead smooth, glitching the spasmodic carnival from dormant to grooving in a split second. . In Dairmount & Beradi's mix we're given space to play in a familiar environment; it's the most straightforward house here, with cerulean washing and throwback rave stabs, done solidly and with a subtle distinctness. With Ripperton, we've made a den under the covers and we've got a torch. A short, melting acoustic bass loop and lucid synth tones: As is often the case with Ripperton, the musical ideas are simple, but completely homogeneous with the richness and homely disposition of the sounds. The literal English translation of "glockenspiel" is "bells play." It's got those too.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Alsace & Lorraine (Josh Wink interpretation #1) A2 Alsace & Lorraine (Dairmount & Berardi perspective) B Alsace & Lorraine (Ripperton remix)