Various Artists - 61 Center Returning Vol. 3

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  • Two of Labyrinth festival's most esteemed participants (they played five sets between them at last year's event), Peter Van Hoesen and Donato Dozzy know a thing or two about techno's hypnotic potentials. The former's rolling, dub-infused live PA has become increasingly geared towards wrecking heads, while Dozzy's penchant for deep grooves and tripped-out atmospherics has seen him entrance many a hardened raver. It's no surprise, then, that for their first collaboration since last year's "Talis," they've crafted something at once club-primed and subtly enveloping, a stealthy conglomeration of droning tones, garbled bass and teasing drops which, while not a patch on their best works as solo producers, maintains a solid enough groove to keep heads down and feet shuffling. "Barreleye," on the other hand, exceeds all expectations. The first thing that hits you is the kick. It's simply enormous: a gargantuan black hole of rubbery sub-bass that'll send those coming up too hard stumbling for the bathroom. Spooling background ambience only emphasises the sense of queasy disorder, and by the time a spiralling lead melody enters—already a contender for sickest dub riff of the year—you're either sinking or swimming. For those lucky enough to be in the latter camp, what ensues is quite the most immersive passage of deep, system-stretching dub techno to hit the shops in months, and there's not a whiff of tape hiss in sight. PVH and DD might be the big names here, but it's Tr nch and Iori—both relative newcomers—who steal the show. Whoever plays this at Labyrinth '11 (and someone really ought to) is in for one hell of a scene.
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      A Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy - Elektra B Tr nch & Iori - Barreleye