Locussolus - I Want It

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  • If all good things really do come in threes, and the best is indeed saved for last, then the third and final instalment to Harvey Bassett's Locussolus trilogy on International Feel should be a cinch. An investment of the catholic values that have defined his DJ career has been central to the success of this production revival, with each track so far appearing a microcosmic proxy of his room-at-the-inn genre policy. In this latest double-header, the alloyed glitterball shines particularly brightly. For those of you who are fond of freshly-coined buzzwords, cop a load of this one: discostep. Before you all damage your sockets with tumbling eyeballs, let me assure you that the description is, surprisingly, not as preposterous as you might expect. "I Want It" rubs elements of lumpy bass music comfortably alongside the glossiness of boogie synth-lines and a beat that naughtily whispers "breaks" as if they were all the best of friends. The vocal sparring between Harvey and his paramour (they both want it) ties the melange together with an inviting thread of sexiness, which, going back to our buzzword, is more than enough for you to step inside the disco. With a tempo that strokes the lurid nether-regions of a 110 BPM whereabouts, "Next to You" is more of a barefaced funk hussy. It brings to mind that brilliant Claudja Barry record the man himself championed on his Sarcastic compilation, and also, strangely, a moment from British comedy Nathan Barley. There's a pad that sounds exactly like the one used on Little Mandy's tune "Bad Uncle," which, funnily enough, becomes all the more poignant a reference when Harvey begins to sing.
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      A I Want It B Next To You