Marco Carola - Groove Catcher

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  • Marco Carola's "Groove Catcher" casts off the mesmerizing effect of three different tracks, each slightly stilted, tumbling into one another by accident and linking together into something as surprisingly funky as it is gangly and weird. The pieces themselves aren't so distinguished—a contemplative bassline, workaday snares, some extremely clipped hi-hats—but Carola's handling of them is impressive, in particular as he starts to pull certain segments out, shift stuff around, and slowly twist different parts until they turn into gently morphed refractions of what was there before. It's all subtle and decidedly less than flashy, but a lot more gets done in six minutes here than in many tracks twice as long. Two remixes by Martin Buttrich follow, one a "Groove Remix" and the other the "Catcher Remix." The first rolls along over a bit of a broken-beat march, with a wooden bend to it all and a deft mix of organic and synthesized sounds that makes the track much bigger and brighter, plus a good bit beachier. The "Catcher Remix" tightens up and moves through a good techno tease, with a beat that hits big when it drops and a zoned-out sense of ease that gets better as it rolls along.
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      A Groove Catcher (Martin Buttrich Catcher Remix) B1 Groove Catcher B2 The Method