Matthew Dear - Little People (Sascha Dive Remix)

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  • "Little People (Black City)" is one of the bigger and more expansive tracks to slink off of Matthew Dear's excellent 2010 album Black City, with a massive sense of atmosphere and a melodic surety that hasn't always been Dear's to deliver. Not everybody likes it; check out a few puzzled old people trying to make their way through it on headphones at a diner in Pennsylvania. But Sascha Dive seems to like it just fine, and enough to file two separate remixes that time out together at just short of a half-hour. The first mix is 20:29, and it luxuriates in going almost nowhere except deeper and deeper into its own prospective wormhole. The beat barely diverges from the starkly minimal and nicely upright house groove it establishes at the start; instead, most of Dive's efforts seem to have been focused on strange smears of vocals, some of which approach musique concrete levels of abstraction, and weird sloshes of sound that take their time to go back and forth. The effect is both dreamy and disorienting, apt for Dear—really rather like a small section of a Dear track ripped from its bearings, split apart, and rewritten into similarly cyclonic patterns at a much different pace. A separate "Dub Remix" is shorter and tidier at nine minutes, but it doesn't do much that the longer, better one doesn't.
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      01. Little People (Black City) (Sascha Dive Remix) 02. Little People (Black City) (Sascha Dive Dub Remix)