Kyle Geiger & Bobby Dowell - Tigerwall

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  • Perhaps Kyle Geiger is searching for inspiration. After a number of solo releases, he enlisted the help of Jamie Bissmire last year for the Lucky Numbers EP. This time, it's someone even fresher-faced than Geiger himself: fellow Indiana native Bobby Dowell. Things haven't changed a great deal though. The marching beat and searing high end of previous releases is still present, though this time, curt snare rolls emphasise the military feel. Mark Morris' remix exaggerates the same elements and scatters momentary breaks throughout. Both versions are well polished, but march on the same spot for too long, never quite managing to leave the parade ground. Initially carried by droning, ominous bass, Material Object's remix remedies this malady somewhat, its last quarter employing a series of overdriven, hardcore-style kicks and rumbling machine noise. However, there's only one cut here which feels entirely purposeful: Speedy J's re-work of Edit Select. It's a sleek, graceful edifice, defying the blocky constructions which so frequently populate this branch of techno. It's decorated with a shimmering hi-hat roll, which quickens into a shuddering, constant tone and brings the track to a heart-pounding climax. It's rare to be impressed by such technicalities these days, and it makes one wonder whose work it is. For some reason, the Edit Select remix seems never to have surfaced—only this nifty edit by Speedy J.
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      A1 Tigerwall A2 Tigerwall (Material Object Remix) B1 Tigerwall (Edit Select / Speedy J Edit) B2 Tigerwall (Mark Morris Remix)