Audiofly - Follow My Liebe

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  • Relatively speaking, nine years is a long time to wait before releasing a debut album. Perhaps riding the wave of their success, Audiofly were too busy to marshall the additional creative power required? Without some kind of focus, it is easy for albums to become mere compilations, especially those from producers who build their sound for the dance floor. With 11 "real" tracks broken up by three field-recording style interludes, at first glance Follow My Liebe seems to have avoided this trap. That Audiofly like to take their time is apparent by listening, though not in the obvious sense. There's a certain langurous progression present, almost dub-like in its approach. "6 Degrees," for example, leads with little more than a punchy kick, moody chords and the vocals of Fiora. It shows a certain confidence to keep things so basic, and this is recurrent throughout. Structurally, things are similar, with few breakdowns or builds. Rather, the duo show a firm faith in keeping things plodding solidly along, and paying attention to the smaller details instead. Apart from the aforementioned interludes, the only deviation from this formula is "Sense & Vision," a desolate number which features Shaun Parkes sounding uncannily like Seal. This blueprint mostly works well, such as in reflective, piano-laden "Blue Man," or late nighter "Black Cat." At times though, the clubbier tracks—"Kiss & Tell" or "Lo-Rise," for example—can feel directionless, no doubt a result of the small details failing to add up to something larger. Things are more impressive elsewhere, however. Aided by a vague vocal snippet and guitar, the title track bounces along merrily on a cushion of fat bass, while pre-released single "Fela" shows off wild, improv-style Rhodes work. It's hard to ignore the rapturous energy of the latter. It's a tough release to summarise, though not because it's particularly generic or breathtaking. Rather, things are interesting enough to hold attention, without being mindblowing. One can hardly wax lyrical about inspiring synth work or percussion when on the most part, they only step up for a few brief moments per track. These flashes of brilliance are intense, but they don't manage to brighten the whole collage or impart a coherent theme. Still, the potential is definitely here; it's just fortunate this long player is only their first attempt.
  • Tracklist
      01. Follow My Liebe 02. Kiss and Tell 03. 6 Degrees feat. Fiora 04. Interlude 05. Fela 06. Interlude 2 07. Black Cat 08. Myhappyplace 09. Sense & Vision feat. Shaun Parkes 10. Blue Man 11. Talk To Me 12. Lo-Rise 13. Interlude 3 14. Puddle of Diamonds feat. Cari Golden