Clockwork - It's You Again

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  • "It's You Again" is basically sex music. Granted, it will probably soundtrack more people shuffling about en masse and upright in a fairly uncoordinated manner. But sex is what they'll all be thinking. The track groans, creaks, fizzes while a sultry vocal pleads and whispers, shuffling around your ear drums like a naughty little serpent. Lee Foss, Robert James and Art Department are given the enviable task of reworking the lithe original, and the result is a light-hearted affair that nonetheless generates a fairly menacing tone, with a typically wandering bassline and shooting, spacey synths. For me, it's all about the dark recesses of the original, but the remix opens the track up to grander spaces and offers a suitably arresting alternative. After all this rampant debauchery, "Running from Spaces" can't help but feel a little like an also ran, but it more than holds its own, with a particularly solid bassline reminiscent of Tale of Us' superb "Disco Gnome" rework. But it's "It's You Again" that will be generating the most sweat for the next few months, whichever activity the listeners choose to indulge in.
  • Tracklist
      A It's You Again B1 Running From Spaces B2 It's You Again (Lee Foss meets Robert James in the Art Department Remix)