The Big Crunch Theory - Arrows

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  • Versatile by name, versatile by nature. Not only does The Big Crunch Theory comprise label head and Chateau Flight half, Gilb'r, trying his hand at bubblegum pop, but the three tracks on this 12-inch hop styles from the latter to disco house via gut-gnarling techno. "Arrows" is the second single from the duo's forthcoming album, 1992, and is rescued from an excessive cutesiness in its ditty manner thanks to the endearing voice of singer-songwriter, Lisa Li-Lund. She sings tight and pretty harmonies like the dreamt-up girl next door, lending a certain attractiveness to musical pigtails in the double claps and baseball organ. At the opposite end of the cute spectrum is Argy. His remix is dystopian techno with an eye firmly set on the sweaty hours in clubland where, presumably, it should be heard in order to be fully appreciated. It moves with quite a pummel and stocks fuel for the dance floor, but ultimately the stabs and shuffling hi-hats don't stamp enough of an earmark for it to feel like anything other than neat but unremarkable set fodder. Juan Maclean's mix, with its lazer-beam pings, funk-lick bass, organ hooks and general musical pyromania, feels quite the opposite.
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      A Arrows (Juan McLean remix) B1 Arrows (Argy’s Techno reshape) B2 Arrows