David Lynch - Good Day Today

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  • You could be forgiven for casting a cynical eye over this release given its outward appearance as mere commercial fodder, despite Lynch's esteemed credentials, but both originals and remixes alike have more about them than the usual mainstream fare. Of the two originals, "I Know" comes across best, perhaps because it is the more Lynchian of the two, combining rough and jangly guitars with slow crunching beats and spooky organ straight out of Twin Peaks. "Good Day Today" is more electronic, built on a slick electro rhythm and shimmering synths reminiscent of The Field. Of the "Good Day Today" remixes, Underworld's stands out the most, perhaps because it sounds more like an Underworld original than a remix. Smooth and progressive, the breezy backdrop to the vocals gradually condenses around the accumulating percussion for a forceful climax. Sasha is, surprisingly, more understated and the most cinematic of the lot, laying the beats down gently and gradually teasing out the ambience. In contrast, Boys Noize and Basement Jaxx's Simon Ratcliffe both try to outdo each other on the noise front with mixed results. The former packs the bottom end with fuzz and not much else, while Ratcliffe's take is marginally more successful, trying to cram as many chaotic changes and brash melody in as possible. Diskjokke's sounds least like the original, being plucky and anthemic in the right ways, burying the vocals and transforming the fragility into a tender guitar lick. Like Underworld, Skream's take is another one of those perfect fits that you couldn't have dreamed about, slowing things down, darkening the tones, cranking the echo and smearing on the bass like butter. Hopkins mix rounds off the set with some clever production that seems to augment everything, without changing much at all, the result being a track brimming with more darkness and violence.
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      01. Good Day Today 02. I Know 03. Good Day Today (Underworld Classic Remix) 04 I Know (Sasha Remix) 05. Good Day Today (Boys Noize Remix) 06. I Know (Ratcliffe 'Headz In Dark' Remix) 07. Good Day Today (Diskjokke Remix) 08. I Know (Skream's Not So Ravey Remix) 09. I Know (Jon Hopkins Remix)