Marc Romboy - The Overture

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  • More central to Marc Romboy's music than any association with passing style trends is, ironically, a fetish for the old school. Chronological tell-tale signs crop up—more electro here, more tech there—but it's always been woven with the enthusiasm of a classicist. Perhaps it's why he's lasted while other wagon-hoppers populate the wayside. It's certainly why "The Overture" sounds as modish in 2011 as "Jack Is Back" did in a Detroit-flirting 2005. The track is foremost a build-cajoler: its drawn-out synth melody suits one of those calm before the storm moments. This is aided and abetted by fits and starts of pressing drum patters in which you can hear a grinning Romboy with his Roland toys. He breaks down to string-pad rave bliss halfway through, following it with a brash synth line that remains just modest enough to avoid totally splintering the hitherto well-assembled build. Rising Dutch talent, Egbert, is asked to reinterpret and, in magpie fashion, gathers enough shiny bits and bobs to create a banger blessed with some charm. There's a nifty jack to the rhythm that offsets its innate stomp, and a couple of siren-like mini-breaks to which only the stiffest square would fail to shake a leg.
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      A The Overture B The Overture (Egbert Remix)