Recondite - Plangent #001

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  • As the Dial crew explores deep house more fully, the label's sound has slowly moved away from the explicitly melancholic sounds of its past. For those looking for a fix, you could do a lot worse than Berlin producer Recondite, whose self-released debut EP was recently released in limited quantities via Clone. The four tracks here are an aural love letter to Superpitcher's 2005 mix CD, Today, one of Recondite's obvious touchstones. The beats are so smooth that you can almost see the tears sliding off the side. The melodies so fragile, you're afraid to say anything while they play, lest they disappear. The b-side is probably tougher than the flip, but it's all relative: Recondite's four productions here are melancholic enough to suggest that they won't find a place anywhere near peaktime. That said, Scuba has found a place for them in his sets, memorably mixing one of the four here into Joe's remix of "So You Think You're Special" on his recent takeover of Radio 1. It was the set opener, naturally, but one only needs to look to the success of Pantha Du Prince to see how this material could get a hand or two in the air. With a few more EPs like this, Recondite might just find himself headlining a festival too.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Intro A2 Robur B1 Unterholz B2 Decamp