Subb-an feat. Beckford - The Lovers Night

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  • Early house music's appeal, then, now and forever, is how mysterious it sounds. We can write it off as cheap production and/or amateur enthusiasm, but there's such an alchemy to them that making your own version nowadays inevitably seems like something else altogether. Think Rolling Stones/Muddy Waters, maybe. Anyway, coming on mysterious is generally a good idea in house. Subb-an's "The Lovers Night" fits into a pretty terrific lineage, and is pretty terrific itself: raw deep house that could have been made at just about any point of the past quarter-century but fits 2011 like a glove. The irresistible handclaps-on-the-two-and-four give it real lift, but the lace-like synths give the whole thing an ambiguity that the floating vocal hook—"feel it"—does nothing to pin down. We know to feel it, but we don't quite know what to feel. The dub starts out uneventfully, but its barrenness of sound, its sonic black heart, gives it a weight worth understanding once, if no more.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Lovers Night 02. The Lovers Night (Dub Version)