Sierra Sam - Queen of Spades

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  • Big, darting, sharply defined low end—basslines that feel like bass hits—is quickly becoming the trademark of the Dame-Music camp. That approach is a heavy trait on Bloody Mary's 2009 album Black Pearl (released on Contexterrior) and it comes out in full force on "Talonkikit," from Sierra Sam's new 12-inch on Mary's label. (They've collaborated for years, splitting a 2008 12-inch on Toys for Boys, with Sam—last name Goossens—lending a hand to the production of Black Pearl.) Both Sam's original and Ray Okpara's "Deeptool Mix" retains the same basic bass thrust even though each features a completely different arrangement: the drums on Sam's pop their limbs more, while Okpara's steadier beat shuttles ever forward. "Queen of Spades" is grander in scope, befitting its title, though the music is still pretty down to earth. Sure, there are tropical bird noises and a wispy synth-string refrain that sounds like it's tipping its boating hat to early Orbital, but the emphasis here is still on the groove. Sam's drums are crisp, his percussion overdubs touch off slightly different surprises each time. There's a sense he's fine-tuning the party—and the bass darts move it along.
  • Tracklist
      01. Queen Of Spades 02. Talonkikit 03. Talonkikit (Ray Okpara Deeptool Remix)